Specialists Course Phlebology

Sep 15, 2017, 15 CME-Points

After an introduction on main principles of diagnosis and management of  varicose veins detailed information about venous ultrasound and sclerotherapy of varicose veins is provided.
Detailed information will help to understand why we need international consensus documents and / or classification systems for venous diagnosis. Further we will answer the elementary questions when and how should we treat varicose veins? Different concepts to restore the disturbed venous haemodynamics will be provided and discussed.
Friday morning in small rotating groups hands-on production of sclerosing foam, injection of spider veins and duplex guided injection techniques and venous duplex ukltrasound examination are learned. Injection models are used to practice injection techniques and foam production will be demonstrated and performed by the participants themselves. In addition there is time to discuss questions around indications, techniques, side effects and results of sclerotherapy.

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